The “Sunday dreads”

Also known as the Sunday afternoon blues or Sunday evening depression.

This occurs when you know that the week ahead is going to be filled with:

  • annoying clients;
  • other lawyers who are difficult to deal with;
  • risky court hearings;
  • deadlines that may not be met; and/or
  • too much work to complete – regardless of how many hours you work. 

Everybody has them, but the yardstick to measure this is how frequently you suffer from the Sunday dreads.

If this feeling consumes you every Sunday then it’s time to change your job.

About 2+ years ago I started to have this feeling most Sundays and realised it was time for a fresh start. I duly moved to another firm.

Law is a job – a career to a large extent -even a lifestyle choice at its highest tier.  But once you start letting it take over your free time, and see it have an effect on your friends and family, it’s time to rethink your choices. The brilliance of law is its breadth. It is so wide ranging that you can try different areas within the first (upto??) 5 years of qualification.

Also, as a final thought, remember just how transferable your skills may be if you are truly disillusioned by it all.

Have a great Sunday!


Over and out.

Legal Orange.


2 thoughts on “The “Sunday dreads”


  2. Great post! I have not had a single case of the Sunday Dreads since I left my last full time job as a lawyer and started the journey to running my own mediation business. 12 months on and I have had the occasional Sunday night regret that the weekend is over; I take this as a sign that my weekends are full of good times!

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