Plan B

Government officials making legal aid decisions should read this.

A view from the North

An imagined conference in an imaginary prison between people in my imagination….

Mr Public-Defender Good morning Mr Snargs, I am the barrister representing you in your case.

Mr Snargs Hi. Sorry, where are you from?

P-D I have been sent from PDS.

S The firm Peters, Davies and Smethurst?

P-D No…..

S Of course, you’re a barrister. You must be from that new set, Peterborough Doughty Street?

P-D No I am from the Public Defender Service.

S Oh. OK. You don’t sound American……

P-D Why should I sound American?

S Because Public Defenders are American aren’t they? I saw a documentary about them on TV. It was about how many defendants on Death Row were represented badly by Public Defenders and there were all these law students helping them from a British charity. It was all about lack of money leading to injustice.

P-D Well I can assure you this…

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